What are the stories behind the food we love? Join experts and food connoisseurs for an exploration of the ingredients, places and stories that make the history of food. Our first series of talks in 2017/8 focuses on Italian cuisine.

In each meeting, you will learn about the stories of food that shaped the flavours and scents of the gastronomy of a region in Italy.

Our passionate food experts will take you on an exciting tour of Italian culture through carefully selected food and wine. Together, we will uncover the secrets of Emilia-Romagna cuisine, the marvels of Piedmont wine, and the riches of Neapolitan kitchen, and will taste the best of these regions culinary offering.

Or is a historian of ideas. She read history in Bologna and Oxford, completed her…


Simone, a soon-to-be electrical and electronic engineering graduate from Imperial College London, grew up spending…


Lorenzo is a journalist, political analyst and entrepreneur from Turin, Italy. He is a proud…

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